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A.B.A.G.M.D – A Better Alternative: Great Moving Discounts

Moving companies have long abused the scarcity model, but ABAGMD is taking back the opportunity to put the consumer in the position with the bargaining power.  How are we doing this you might ask… we are leveling the playing field by creating an open platform for moving companies to compete on 2 main components: Price & Quality.

Many moving companies will quote insanely low prices when you call in, but don’t always offer these great low rates when it actually comes time to move.  Or they hit you with ridiculous fees and fines for everything from going up an additional stair to being 3lbs over the weight limit.  This is not the case with ABAGMD – Long Distance Moving Companies.  We match you with companies that quote both fair, and realistic prices.  Trust us… they’re really good!

Other companies compete by offering impeccable service, but this too comes with a cost. ABAGMD’s unique moving company comparison tool allows the consumer to verify high quality moving companies and force them to compete on price alone.  We’ve vetted the best of the best movers and only allow the truly high quality moving companies in our network.  When you submit a quote, we match your specific needs with movers in our network, and they bid on your move.  It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3!


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